Planning a weekend getaway? Visit Osijek in spring


Planning a weekend getaway? Visit Osijek in spring

A long and unpredictable winter left almost unnoticed, and was followed by a spring rhapsody of colors and smells. Striking pink, yellow, and purple tones brought to life the greenest city in Croatia, Osijek, and once again invited residents and visitors to say goodbye to their office chairs and say hello to the park benches. The beauty of spring in the Slavonian metropolis is difficult to convey in words, so here are five ways how to best spend your time!

1. A Royal Park in French Style

Did you know that Osijek has more parks than squares? The biggest and oldest one is the Park of King Tomislav whose high trees form a dense roof and a shady escape from the heat. The romantic European Avenue connects this park with the Park of King Petar Krešimir IV., the only French-style park in the city, which is characterized by striking architectural symmetry, but also a large number of visitors, especially in spring when the romantic circles of rose bushes bloom. Explore the horticultural beauty of this park, find the QR codes places under the trees, or simply take a break on a wooden bench and enjoy the buzzing, chirping, and other sounds of nature.

2. Promenade, a Favorite Meeting Place

With the first rays of sun, hundreds flock to the popular river promenade along the Drava. In the spring and summer months, along the Drava river, you will meet a sea of people. This is not be surprising. Osijek, with its almost 97,000 inhabitants, is the fourth largest city in Croatia! Its highway and airway connections make it an increasingly attractive weekend destination. Locals' favorite place to be in the spring months, apart from the parks, are the banks of the Drava river, which are connected by the iconic Pedestrian Bridge, ideal for walkers and cyclists. Put on comfortable shoes or rent city bicycles and go on a recreational-tourist adventure.

3. Animal kingdom in the zoo

The end of winter means the awakening of sleeping animals. Red lynxes, African lions, alpacas, crocodiles, giraffes, and numerous other inhabitants can be found in the largest zoo in Croatia, which in the spring months can be reached most easily by crossing the river bank on a free eco ferry (in Croatian, or specifically Osijek slang: „kompa“), which in itself is a unique experience that you should not miss. The Osijek ferry traditionally starts the sailing season at the beginning of April and departs every 40 minutes. You can easily check the sailing schedule here.

4. Spring foods at the city market

Ingmar Bergman loved them wild, but we prefer the gentle ones from the food market in Osijek. The beloved strawberries are the royalty of spring fruit, and you will find the largest selection at Osijek's main market, otherwise known as the piazza. In spring, you can also find the famous Slavonian asparagus, which are often incorporated into the menus of the city's restaurants, just like all the other numerous vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and other foods from Osijek's fruitful surroundings. The spring market trip is a must for conscientious eco-citizens and those who want to taste the best of Slavonia and Baranja in one place.

5. Different strokes for different folks

In the spring months, after Easter in Osijek, the season of popular events begins. Among the sports manifestations, one should take notice of the Ferivi Half Marathon (April 15), the World Cup in Gymnastics (June 7-11) and the Pannonian Challenge (June 16) stand out. – 18 June). Every first Saturday of the month, the favorite local event Antiques Fair is held in King Držislav Park, and at the same place in May you can enjoy the Flower Festival. For lovers of gastronomic experiences, the spring months bring the opportunity to taste various craft beers and top wines. Of course, Osijek is also exciting in the summer when it comes alive with the Osijek Summer Nights, and the Osijek Summer of Culture fills it with cultural spirit.