Corona update: Traveling to Croatia or abroad (from 21.05)


As the situation with the New Corona virus and Covid19 epidemic in Croatia, most other EU member states and other neighboring European countries calms down, so do the conditions of travel within the countries and the ways of crossing state borders.

However, the situation is still not completely under control and it is necessary to continue to take precautions when contacting other people, to keep a well-known physical distance of 1 meter, ideally up to 2 meters, and although they in Croatia have increased from 5 to even 40 people, they should still avoid larger gatherings of people.

We don’t have to “stay home” anymore, but we still have to be responsible. While we would all love to be able to fully relax again when visiting tourist destinations, the same recommendations for responsible behavior still apply when traveling.

Some countries still adhere to strict entry rules, while in others, due to the favorable epidemiological situation and the markedly reduced number of newly infected people, the situation is seemingly "as it used to be".

This is also the case in Croatia, although special travel rules still apply, and you can find them out at this link: "Are you going on a trip? All information in one place!" on the page with all information about Coronavirus in Croatia:

Information on the most frequently asked questions about the conditions for crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia can also be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia.

On the above page, find out what measures you need to take if you want to travel to Croatia, and how to prepare for a trip to other neighboring European countries.

In short, when traveling to the Republic of Croatia, you can cross the state border:

  • if you have a confirmation of booking accommodation in the accommodation facility, and it includes: confirmation of booking accommodation of all accommodation providers / all types of accommodation; camp lease agreement; permanent berth agreement in the port of nautical tourism; confirmation of reservation for berth in the port of nautical tourism; or travel agency vouchers and more. An example of the Confirmation of booking or the exact data required in an document which can also be typed in an e-mail can be found in the PDF document here: Primjer Potvrde rezervacije smještaja charter usluge i drugih usluga kojom se dokazuje ulazak u RH u turističke svrhe.pdf
  • if you have proof of ownership of real estate or a vessel within Croatia
  •  if you have proof of going to the funeral
  •  if you have another urgent personal reason. In that case, you must announce your trip to Croatia to the Ministry of the Interior (MUP RH) by e-mail at: You will receive a reply to your letter as soon as possible and possible approval to enter Croatia.
  •  if you have an invitation to a business meeting
  •  if you have another urgent business reason. In that case, you must announce your trip to Croatia to the Ministry of the Interior (MUP RH) by e-mail at: You will receive a reply to your letter as soon as possible and possible approval to enter Croatia
Prior to arrival in Croatia, all foreign citizens are recommended to make a prior announcement of arrival to the state border via the website of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of the Interior "Enter Croatia":


Citizens of the following countries may enter the Republic of Croatia without restrictions: Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Poland.

You can search for accommodation in Osijek by clicking on the following links:

Some accommodation facilities operate and receive guests, although still under high precautionary measures according to the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, which you can read here: Corona recommendations of the CNIPH - Catering, accommodation, transport, trade.

Traveling to Croatia for a day trip

Regarding the crossing of the tourist buses across the border and filling in the form on, in the case of a tourist bus that takes a group of tourists to the same destination and for all passengers (tourists) who have data, there are no obstacles for them the agency fills in the announcement. In the case of regular bus lines, where passengers individually have their final destination, each passenger is required to fill out an announcement for themselves. Also, you should keep in mind the backup options, which is a mobile application, where the announcement would be filled before arriving at the border crossing and the solution for a border police officer to enter two data, namely phone number and place of residence in the Republic of Croatia.

The EnterCroatia application is additionally active in the following languages: Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, German, Polish and Hungarian. The contact address: has been published on the website of the Croatian National Tourist Board, where any problems in the operation of the application can be reported.

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