The knoedl time

Swept up into the turmoil of war, Osijek became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1526. Fortunately, the town was liberated on Friday, November 29th 1687, at 11 a.m.! At the beginning of the 18th century, the churches were rebuilt and in memory of the above happy moment and in order not to forget it, all the church bells in Osijek ring at 11 a.m. as if it was noon. In the early 20th century, Osijek housewives got it: the churches warn them about ’’Mehlspeisen Glock’’ (the time to cook pasta or prepare dough), so that lunch could be finished by noon! This Esseker (old Osijek) expression over the time was changed into “Knedl sat (Knoedl time)’’, after a popular dish made of dough with addition of plums, poppy and walnuts. When you put all those ingredients together in the right proportions, you get “Osječka knedla (Osijek dumpling)’’. It is a must try!