Have fun during your stay in Osijek by visiting a movie theater performance and watch a good film in one of the historic old cinemas or go to the multiplex cinema located in the Portanova shopping mall.


Kinematografi Osijek – Osijek Cinematographs

Urania was built in 1920 in Art Nouveau (secession) style as a cinema and Masonic Temple, a triangular facade needed to remind of the pyramids in Egypt while the sphinxes relief at the top along with statues of sphinxes in front of the building should serve as a "guardian" of the temple. Today the Urania cinema is the only old cinema that still shows films in regular program and each is special because of interesting secrets that its walls hide. Cinema has been renovated to modern technical standards.

Nearby, at the western end of the Sakuntala Park, stands the Europa cinema built in a modern style of the late 1930’s. Now there are only occasional movie shows. Much more often various other artistic shows are held here. It is possible to rent both halls for cultural and music programs.

Address: 8 Šetalište kardinala Franje Šepera street (Promenade on the river Drava)
Cinema Urania: 1 Ulica Vjekoslava Hengla street (east side of Sakuntala park)
Cinema Europa: 2 Šetalište Petra Preradovića street (west side of Sakuntala park)
Phone: +385 (0) 31 205 501

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Cinestar Multiplex movie theatre

Blitz - Cinestar is a multiplex cinema with 9 show-halls located in the Portanova shopping mall in the city district of Retfala, along the Southern detour high speed road near the junction with the high Western speed road and close to the railway stop Osijek - Frigis. You can take a city bus from Gajev Trg square to the shopping mall. Cinemas offer 3D, RealD 3D and extreme experience of the film.

Address: 31a Svilajska ulica street
Phone: +385 (0) 31 637 875