Enrich your stay in Osijek by visiting one of the museums and galleries. The favourite cultural events include the “Noć Muzeja” (“Night of the Museums”) and “Europska noć muzeja” (“European night of the Museums”). A rainy day just might be one of your more interesting ones if you decide to visit a museum!

Museum of Slavonia (Muzej Slavonije)

It was founded in 1877 under the name “Museum of the free and royal city of Osijek”. Over the decades it grew into a more complex regional museum (region of Slavonia). Today it houses almost four thousand registered artefacts divided into nine departments such as Natural history, Archaeology (Prehistory, Antique, great migrations, Medieval), Numismatics, History, Arts and crafts, Ethnology, Technical. The two baroque buildings that house the museum are also venues for many concerts and art exhibitions.

Address: 6 Trg Svetog Trojstva Square, 31000 Osijek
Tel.: 031/ 250 730
Fax.: 031/ 250 741

Museum of fine arts

The museum was founded in 1954 and it is located in the neo-renaissance villa Neuman built in the 18th century. It houses more than 5000 artefacts divided into several collections of paintings and drawings of the Slavonian countryside made by the famous artists from the Osijek Drawing School in the 19th century, Hugo Conrad Hotzendorf and Adolf Waldinger. An interesting feature of the building’s façade is “a war wound” from the Yugoslav-army attack, today a memorial of the War for Croatian Independence in 1991.

Address: 9 Europska avenija street, 31000 Osijek
Tel: 031/251-280