Souvenir shops

Photo by: Lega lega shop

Souvenir shop "Kod Katedrale" (By the Cathedral)

Find all sorts of items with traditional Slavonian motives right next to one of the most significant monuments in town - the co-cathedral.



Rukotvorine Bećaruša

This souvenir shop offers hand-made, traditional, and urban all in one. It is located next to the popular Gold cafe.



Lega – Lega shop

This popular souvenir shop is quintessentially Osijek. Buy iconic T-shirts with local slang words, unique cups, old postcards, and much more. This versatile shop is guarded by one of the chubbiest orange cats you'll ever come across. Although the cat is mostly peaceful, pet it at your own risk!



Gingerbread craftsman and waxer Blažeković

Did you know that gingerbread crafts called "licitari" are one of the most famous souvenirs of continental Croatia and that the tradition of making licitars is inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible world heritage in Europe? Osijek has its own gingerbread craftsman and waxer, mr. Blažeković, whose workshop can be found in the Upper Town. You can even get a custom made "licitar" heart, the most famous shape for licitar in Croatia, and bring home a truly meaningful memory.