Shopping in the city

If you a fan of the classic shopping walking down the streets with casual coffee breaks and occasional views of the city's sights then the place you need to visit is a city centre. Shops, apart from shopping centres and restaurants are usually open from 8am to 8pm and closed on Sundays and holidays.



Near the main square in the Trg Slobode (Liberty Square), almost legendary among the citizens of Osijek the Supermarket shopping mall is located. It was built in 60’s of the 20th century. It went thru a thorough restoration in 2016 and is once again steadily turning into a shopping centre with world famous brands. In front of the market is a range of cafes and coffee and cake shops, ice cream parlours, shops with well-known international and domestic brands of shoes and clothing, banks, bookstores, antique shops and a casino.

Location: Trg Slobode Square



Below the main square is a maze of corridors with small retail shops popularly called Pothodnik (Underpass). Since the 80’s until today, especially for its role when it served as a shelter in the Croatian War for independence (1991-1992), it became one of the „legendary“ places in Osijek. In the mall there are a post office, Croatian Lottery, branch office of GPP – Public Transportation of passengers, a cafe, a shoemaker, a tailor, gift shop, jewellery store, flower shop, leather goods shop, offices of telecom operators, toy store and through the corridors it is possible to directly enter the nearby Nama Mall with similar offer. In the square there is a variety of retail shops with shoes and clothing, banks, exchange offices, bars, cafes, pharmacy, bookstore and a gift shop.

Location: Trg Ante Starčevića Square (Main Square)



In the streets that branch off from the main square, Kapucinska, Županijska and Josipa Jurja Strossmayera Street you will find a large number of stores that make the centre of shopping in Osijek. In the stores you can find everything you can find in one of the major shopping malls from clothing and footwear shops, specialized crafts services, technical trade goods, jewellery, flower shops, pharmacies, bookstores, bakeries, restaurants, pastry shops and cafes, souvenir shops, post offices, banks to offices of telecom operators and others. Offer of the „ shopping mall in the open “ is completed by the nearby historic cinemas Europa and Urania. Nearby is the popular promenade along the Drava river with restaurants and a nice terrace overlooking the Winter Port and green forests on the left bank of the river, perfect for relaxing after a “hard day’s shopping“.