Wine and Beer tasting

Wine tasting bars

From all sides the city of Osijek is surrounded by vast vineyards on the Danube river and on the slopes of Papuk mountain, where some of the most famous, largest and oldest (13th, 15th and 16th century) Croatian and even regional wineries produce their golden wine drops. But on the other hand, there are only two wine tasting bars in Osijek. The reason for this is the proximity of vintners and their wine cellars.

If you want to taste the wine at the place where it's produced, we have several suggestions. You can visit Baranja wine road that's located north of the city, the wine route of Erdut county to the east along the river Danube, the wine road of Đakovo county on the slopes of the mountain Dilj and the wine route around Našice and Feričanci on the slopes of mountains Krndija and Papuk. Not too far away from them there are mountain vineyards near Požega and Kutjevo but also in Vukovar and Ilok.

Wine tasting bars in Osijek will offer you to taste the local wines but also those from the other parts of the Croatia, Europe and rest of the World:

Beer tasting bars

First beer ever in the city of Osijek was made back in 1664. This is the first documented production of this favourite beverage while the first registered trade was recorded in 1697 in Lower Town where it still stands to this day but with a different name – Osječka Pivovara d.d. (Osijek Brewery Ltd.) Beer taverns have an offer of domestic and foreign beers and an excellent "beer cuisine" which you can find on the list of restaurants.

In the last few years Croatia is going through the great renaissance of small "home brewers". Therefore we suggest you to taste some of the craft beers made in Osijek, Slavonia, Croatia but also from other European and World master brewers.