Bars & Pubs

If you want to have a coffee or a quick drink or enjoy yourself alone or talk to some friends, Osijek is a place where you have a chance to do it almost everywhere. Places where people spend the better part of their “Friday and Saturday night outs” are cafes and especially "pubs".

The most popular places in town where you can enjoy a beer, coffee, juices, cocktails and other refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are along the Drava Promenade, in the Winter port, near the main square, near the Ljudevit Gaj Square in the Upper Town, the old town Tvrđa and in the Ban Josip Jelačić Square in the Lower Town.

In the most populated urban neighbourhoods like Sjenjak, Retfala, Jug and Bosutsko you will often find larger bars and pubs where the atmosphere is good and everyone knows everybody.

Recently beer pubs have grown in popularity. They offer a large selection of craft beer. Since Osijek is the place of the First Croatian Beer made proudly since 1697, known as Osječko Pivo, we bring you the places where you can enjoy the best craft beer in the region: