Coffee & Cakes

Can you imagine a better vacation for the soul than the one on the terraces on the Promenade with fine coffee and homemade cake or ice cream overlooking the river Drava and green forests of Baranja? Ah ... this is one of the main reasons why so many citizens of Osijek love life in their city.

List of coffees in Osijek cafes can be confusing sometimes, mainly because of the different influences on the culture of drinking coffee, which historically came to Osijek, as well as in the rest of Croatia from Austria, Italy and Turkey. But the most popular coffee in Osijek is "a long black coffee with milk" (produžena kava s mlijekom) which is a bigger espresso coffee with added milk, in Italy and Dalmatia the same is known as café macchiato, while the Austrian cafes would offer you a grosser Brauner.

Cakes and cookies that you will find in Osijek pastry shops and some cafes are often inspired by tradition with the addition of creativity of the bakers and in the larger bakeries you can look for excellent pastries. Some of the very popular cakes are Schwartzwald and Sacher cake and in many small family pastry shops we recommend you try the "typical Croatian" kremšnita (Cremeschnitte, puff pastry base and custard cream) and šampita (whipped meringue dessert), baklava and various fruit cakes which are often rich in a cream of walnuts with homemade taste, just like it was when our mothers or grandmothers made it.

Ice cream or how citizens of Osijek would say it - "slamboš", to many of us is best in small pastry shops which still make it according to the old recipes.

For the sweet experience of Osijek, we bring you an overview of the most popular coffee shops, cake shops and bakeries and bakery and confectionery crafts.