Restaurants and Beer taverns

Slavonia and Baranja and especially East region on the banks of the Drava and the Danube are known as a gastronomic destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. Citizens of Osijek equally like to visit local restaurants to honour themselves with the dishes that are less frequently prepared at home. These are primarily traditional dishes such as venison roasts and roasted premium fresh water fish or dishes from a kettle, fiš paprikaš (fish stew), čobanac and perkelt (both variations of goulash). In addition, restaurants in Osijek will often offer you with international cuisine as well as excellent dishes with signature of chefs in restaurants of high class hotels.

Alongside with the traditional cuisine, many will find the beer taverns to be their favourite places where they will taste typical meals that go well with beer, preferably some of the many craft beers from Croatia and Europe.

To help you find the restaurant according to your taste, we divided them by cuisine type and the neighbourhood in which they are located.

Bon appetite!