Travel arrangements

Among the "tourist packages" find the current offer of Osijek travel agencies that take you on a vacation or a trip to Osijek and the Croatian Danube Region (Hrvatsko Podunavlje), Eastern Slavonia and Baranja.

Tourist agencies over the years have offered multi-day travel arrangements as well as trips to Slavonia and Baranja with a tour of Osijek which often include a visit to the Đakovo cathedral and the National Lipizzaner stud farm, Baranja with Nature Park Kopački rit, family farms and vast vineyards on Bansko Brdo hill, Erdut the mouth of the Drava and the Danube near Aljmaš and the largest wine barrel in Europe, Vukovar with historical site Vučedol, monuments in memory of the Croatian Independence War, castle Eltz and Ilok with wine tasting fragrant Traminer and a medieval fortress above the Danube.

Similar travel packages to Osijek you can find with events and celebrations such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Advent and with events such as Days of wine and tourism, UFO-Urban fest Osijek, Osijek Summer of Culture, Osijek Summer Nights, Pannonian Challenge and Days of first Croatian beer.

In one place, get to know the offer, make a reservation, and then spend a nice exciting week or a relaxing weekend in Osijek and its Danube and Drava river countryside.


Osijek, Slavonia and Baranya with the Real Experience tourist agency

Get to know Osijek, Slavonia and Baranja with the Real Experience from the city of Rijeka. Touch, feel the smells and flavors at what many concider the most romantic Christmas Market in Croatia. Follow the news on their facebook and web site. Currently they offer the following travel arrangements: