Romance of the Danube and Drava


Close to the mouth of two of Europe’s biggest rivers where vineyards seem to be growing straight from the water, the medieval tower of Erdut guards the entrance to Central Europe...It really would be a shame if you visit the mid Danube region and miss seeing the mouth of the Danube and the Drava River. In the morning we’ll follow the Drava downstream from Osijek and visit the little village of Aljmaš. The word in Hungarian language means “the apple” and what better way to start the day then by visiting the cake atelier “Susi’s Cakes” for some apple pie and coffee with a side of homemade ice-cream? After that we’ll take you for a boat ride to the beautiful sandy beach right at the mouth of the two rivers. People say the Danube is “a gentleman” and Drava is a “lady”, and there certainly is romance in the air when they meet. When we return to shore we’ll continue to follow the Danube further downstream. In the last decade dozens of new and cool wineries have opened their doors and from each of the lush vineyards the view of the river is just breath taking. We’ll end the tour in the centre of the Erdut village close to the mystical medieval fortress in the Erdut Winyards’ cellar built in the 18th century. Next to the huge 75.000 litre wine barrel you’ll taste some of the beautiful wines this micro-region has to offer. The dark red Zweigelt wine with it’s cherry flavour will go very well with the local food you’ll enjoy in the nearby restaurant. In the afternoon visit the nearby village of Dalj and the birth house of the world famous climate scientist Milutin Milanković. Later we’ll head back to the hotel for the night.

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