The castles triangle


In the region of Slavonia the noble estates were vast and spacious. The former counts wealth, influence and importance for Croatia are today best seen by visiting their old castles and palaces…In the morning we’ll follow the Drava River upstream from Osijek and visit the town of Valpovo. After a nice morning cup of coffee in the town square we’ll visit the medieval castle built by the Knights of the order of the Dragon, in the 18th century transformed into a beautiful baroque palace by the Prandau-Normann noble family. The castle’s chapel holds one of the most beautiful church organs in Croatia, built in the 19th century by the famous Josef Angster who also built the so-called “great organs” in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Our next destination will take us even further up the Drava River to the small town of Donji Miholjac. In the town’s center, surrounded by a beautiful park stands the Mailath family castle. It is one of the newest Croatian castles built in 1905 in English Tudor style presumably in order to impress the famous Austrian emperor and Croatian king Franz Josef I. After lunch the road will take us south towards the Krndija Mountain and the town of Našice. There we’ll show you the last palace today, one belonging to the famous Pejačević counts. This lovely baroque palace was the place where Dora Pejačević, first Croatian female composer was born. In the late afternoon we’ll let the road take us back east towards Osijek. Return to the hotel.

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