Danube, Castles and Wine


Vukovar is a city located on the Vuka and Danube rivers, surrounded by fertile fields on the western slopes of the Fruška Gora hill which stretches along the Danube towards Ilok, known also as the kingdom of wine…After breakfast we’ll start today’s tour. On our way to Vukovar we’ll drive thru the wine country of the Erdut village. From the ruins of the medieval tower you will undoubtedly enjoy the view of the Danube and the vast flooded forests. In early 1990’s the baroque city of Vukovar was the place where Croatian War for Independence from the Communist republic of Yugoslavia hit hardest. Fortunately the city is now almost completely renovated and today you’ll see some of its highlights: the Eltz family castle and museum which is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces south of Budapest, the mouth of the Danube and Vuka rivers, the still “wounded” Water tower, the Memorial cemetery of the victims of War… After lunch on the banks of the Danube we’ll continue our trip to the easternmost place in Croatia, the town of Ilok. There we’ll visit the “Old wine cellar” located under the castle and fortress of the Dukes of Ilok. Among other varieties of wine you’ll taste the one for which this part of Croatia is most famous: the Gewürztraminer. This and other wines from Ilok are regularly served on special occasions in the British Royal Court. If you wish, before we return to Osijek you can have dinner in a local restaurant on the banks of the Danube with the view of the river and the fortress or in the beautiful Principovac country house in the vineyards above the town. Return to the hotel.

Contact Tourist Board:
Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County: www.tzosbarzup.hr
Tourist Board of Erdut: www.tz.opcina-erdut.hr
Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County: www.visitvukovar-srijem.com
Tourist Board of Vukovar: www.turizamvukovar.hr
Tourist Board of Ilok: www.turizamilok.hr