Mountain forests and Vineyards


Papuk Mountain is known for its wild virgin forests that rise up from the fertile plains of the Drava river basin. Pretty towns and villages full of tradition are lined along its foothills where old vineyards grow…In the morning, after breakfast, we’ll take a drive to the west from Osijek and have the morning coffee in Našice. You will surely love the spirit of a busy morning a typical Croatian little town. A short walk thru the center will show you the main sights: the Pejacevic family palace, the vast park around it and the beautiful baroque St Anthony’s church. The road will then take us to wine country of the village of Feričanci. There we’ll visit the “Old cellar” and taste some of the Feravino wineries finest wine enjoyed also by the visitors of the Westchester polo cup in Windsor. After a scenic drive thru the vineyards, as we drive further west on our left side the majestic green Papuk Mountain will follow us and call us to explore it. And that is just what we’ll do. In the heart of the Papuk Nature Park lies the beautiful Jankovac forest with lakes and waterfalls that irresistibly remind of the world-known Plitvice National Park, only in small scale. After a later lunch in the mountain lodge you’ll get a chance to explore the beautiful protected nature on your own just like the former owner of these forests, count Janković and his guests once did. Walks thru these woods can be very romantic… Return to the hotel.

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