Baranya - The Mother of Wine


Baranja region is famous for the Nature Park on the Drava and Danube river, Wineries and fine dining, typical villages, hunting grounds and vast fertile fields and vineyards…

After breakfast, we’ll go north from Osijek and visit the historical Baranja region. At the mouth of the Drava and the Danube rivers the Nature Park Kopački-rit is located. We will visit this so-called inner-continental delta and by foot, ship or boat explore the canals and forests full of wildlife. This park is especially famous for the 300 species of birds that nest here. The word “Baranja” in Hungarian language means “the Mother of Wine” and that is why we’ll have to show you the oldest one. The Belje Winery is the biggest in the region and its old cellar dates back to the 16th century. In the village of Popovac we’ll visit one of the traditional rural households. The lady of the house will offer you some homemade products: plum schnapps (rakija), Kulen-sausage, cheese, Ajvar (a local variation of chutney), apricot or rose hip jam and other sweets. Afterword we’ll visit the very north-eastern tip of Croatia! From the viewpoint over the river Danube you will see three countries: Croatia, Serbia and Hungary. We’ll end this day’s tour by visiting the village of Zmajevac. There you can take a nice walk thru the wine streets lined up with wine cellars and enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Return to the hotel.

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