Eastern Slavonia and Baranja


Welcome to the region of eastern Slavonia and Baranja - the picturesque countryside located in the east of the Republic of Croatia, on the Danube River, in the very middle of its 2850 km long flow from the Black Forrest to the Black Sea.

By visiting this part of Europe you will get a chance to experience a region where Croatian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman heritage meet.

To our neighbours we are best known for the spacious and fertile fields, big rivers and marshlands, gentle green hills, colourful villages, old cities, joyful people with rich traditions (the “Tamburica” mandolin, folk music and costumes), gastronomical treats (Wild game roasts, “Čobanac” - chobanatz - variation of goulash; Fish-paprikash - spicy fish stew; Kulen - a traditional sausage; Cottage cheese or poppy seed strudel) and - wine.

Wine has been produced in this region since ancient Roman times. The oldest existing vinery in Croatia is located here and it dates back to 1232. Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot and Blaufränkisch are amongst the best known wines and the premium quality Grasevina (Welschriesling) is the pride and joy of the local wine producers. The sweet, rose-scented Gewürztraminer, especially the one from the vineyards of the medieval town of Ilok, is beloved not only in Croatia but also in the British Royal Court and it has been this way since the coronation of Queen Elisabeth the II.

Have we caught your interest? Feel free to go thru the list of tours which we prepared for you and explore the most interesting attractions in and around your newest travel destination, Osijek and the middle Danube region.

Contact of the tourist boards in the Croatian mid Danube region:

TZ Osječko-baranjske županije: www.tzosbarzup.hr
TZ Grada Osijeka: www.tzosijek.hr
TZ Baranje: www.tzbaranje.hr
TZ općine Bilje: www.tzo-bilje.hr
TZ općine Draž: www.tz-draz.hr
TZ općine Erdut: www.tz.opcina-erdut.hr
TZ Vukovarsko-srijemske županije: www.visitvukovar-srijem.com
TZ grada Vukovara: www.turizamvukovar.hr
TZ grada Iloka: www.turizamilok.hr

Recommended accommodation in Osijek

Recommended accommodation around Osijek (5 to 10 km from city center - Baranja region)

Recommended accommodation around Osijek (10 to 20 km from city center - Baranja region)

Recommended accommodation around Osijek (10 to 20 km from city center - Erdut region)

  • OPG Petrijevčanin (Susi's Cakes), rural house and cake atelier in Aljmaš village: mobile: 00385/91/5587771
  • OPG Erkheim, rural house, Erdut village: mobile: 00385/91/8812608
  • OPG Bakina Kuća, rural house, Dalj village: mobile: 00385/99/2126011