Getting here and around


Here you can read how to get to Osijek, find out which train, bus and airline leads to Osijek, how to navigate around the city by public transport and where to park your car or tour bus.


Osijek is located at the transition from Central to the South-eastern Europe, halfway between the capital cities of Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From Zagreb, Belgrade and Budapest to Osijek is 2.5 hours car drive, and from Sarajevo it would take you about 4 hours. The border with Hungary is 50 km away, from Serbia 35 km and from Bosnia and Herzegovina 100 km.

With Zagreb and other major cities in Croatia, Osijek is directly connected by rail lines and frequent bus lines. To the capital cities of neighbouring countries you can come with connecting public transport and a direct bus line you can get from Belgrade (SRB).

Airlines in the country connect Osijek with Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik. From the airports in Zagreb, Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia) and Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) you can come relatively quickly to Osijek.

If you are a traveller on a tourist boat on a river cruise you will sail to Osijek on Danube and Drava from the north from Budapest and Mohács and from the east from the Black Sea coast via Belgrade, Novi Sad, Ilok and Vukovar.


On the highways you have to pay a toll that's charged according to the rates of the Hrvatske autoceste company (Croatian Highways).

If you're driving from the west take the A3 - A5 highway (Ljubljana, SLO - Zagreb - Slavonski Brod - Đakovo - Osijek).

From west and east take a state road D2 (Graz, A - Maribor, SLO - Varaždin - Koprivnica - Virovitica - Našice - Osijek - Vukovar - Ilok - Novi Sad, SRB - Belgrade, SRB).

From the south and north take the state road D7 or the A5 highway (Bosanski Šamac, BiH - Slavonski Šamac - Đakovo - Osijek - Beli Manastir - Pecs, HU - Budapest, HU).


Rail passenger transport in the Republic of Croatia is provided by the company HŽ - Putnički prijevoz Ltd. (Croatian Railways/Hrvatske željeznice).

Information about the timetable:

International railway line Pecs (Budapest) - Osijek

Starting from December 9th, trains will again begin to operate daily on route from Osijek to Pecs in Hungary and back, with transfers between Croatian (HŽPP) and Hungarian (MAV) train-sets in the Croatian border town of Beli Manastir. These trains will also benefit those passangers who travel from/to Budapest by plane and wish to travel to/from Pecs and Osijek. Trains run from Budapest railway station directly to the city airport. Here you can find more information on train timetable to/from Budapest airport. For the detailed train timetable, please check the Croatian Railways website: or Hungarian Railways website:

Connections with shorter times between transfers:

  • Train MAV no. 8110 Pecs 05:12 – transfer to train HŽPP no. 6203 Beli Manastir 07:00 - Osijek 07:28
  • Train HŽPP no. 6202 Osijek 06:29 - transfer to train MAV no. 8127 Beli Manastir 07:05 - Pečuh 08:42
  • Train MAV no. 8122 Pečuh 09:10 - transfer to train HŽPP no. 6207 Beli Manastir 10:51 - Osijek 11:19
  • Train HŽPP no. 6208. Osijek 10:12 - transfer to train MAV no. 8125 Beli Manastir 11:08 - Pečuh 12:42
  • Train MAV no. 8136 Pečuh 17:10 - transfer to train HŽPP no. 6215 Beli Manastir 18:50 - Osijek 19:18
  • Train HŽPP no. 6216 Osijek 18:13 - transfer to train MAV no. 8121 Beli Manastir 19:08 - Pečuh 20:42

Connections with longer times between transfers:

  • Train HŽPP no. 6210 Osijek 13:20 - Beli Manastir 13:48 / Train MAV br. 8123 Beli Manastir 15:08 - Pečuh 16:42
  • Train MAV no. 8124 Pečuh 13:10 - Beli Manastir 14:33 / Train HŽPP no. 6213 Beli Manastir 16:15 - Osijek 16:43

International railway line Budapest - Osijek - Sarajevo

The well-known rail connection from the capital of Hungary and the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina with connections to the Adriatic Sea is currently not in service.

USEFUL INFORMATION It is possible to travel from Budapest to Osijek and back using the bus line operated by Flixbus (here you can see their bus timetable). If you prefer to travel by train, there is a train line Osijek – Beli Manastir operated by Croatian Railways with transfers to Pecs operating daily by Hungarian Railways. From Osijek to Sarajevo (BiH) you can use the bus lines operated by EuroBusWays/Panoramabus and Globtour Medjugorje.

International railway line Osijek - Sombor (Serbia)

  • Osijek (departure) 06:30 - Bogojevo, Serbia (transfer to Serbian train) - Sombor (arrival) 09:45
  • Osijek (departure) 12:20 - Erdut, Croatia (transfer to Serbian train) - Sombor (arrival) 15:40
  • Sombor (departure) 07:00 - Bogojevo, Serbia (transfer to Croatian train) - Osijek (arrival) 09:20
  • Sombor (departure) 12:55 - Erdut, Croatia (transfer to Croatian train) - Osijek (arrival) 15:20

You can check the information with the Croatian Railways and Serbian Railways.

International railway line Osijek - Vinkovci (Croatia) - Belgrade (Serbia)

  • Osijek (departures Monday to Saturday; for Sundays check timetable) 13:53 - Vinkovci, Croatia (arrival) 14:35. Transfer in Vinkovci, Croatia (departure) 14:39 - Belgrade (arrival) 17:30

You can check the information with the Croatian Railways and Serbian Railways.


Central bus station Osijek is managed by the company Panturist, part of Arriva - a Deutsche Bahn Company. Regular services of transportation of passengers to Osijek is provided by a larger number of bus transportation companies. To the smaller places in the Osijek-Baranja County you can get with direct local bus lines of the Panturist Transport Company.  

International lines directly to the bus station Osijek:

  • Serbia: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Sombor, Šid, Sremska Mitrovica, Bačka Palanka, Ruma
  • Switzerland: Zurich, Lugano, Lucerne, Basel, St. Gallen
  • Germany: Frankfurt, Dortmund, Koln, Ulm, Stuttgart, Essen, Mannheim, Frieburg, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Munchen
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo – Visoko - Kladanj – Zenica – Orašje – Osijek
  • Hungary: Budapest railway station Kelenföld, Budapest central bus station Népliget, Budapest airport Ferihegy. This international line is operated by the low cost passenger transport "Flix Bus". Check Flixbus timetable here.

International line "Arriva Express" from Slovenia and Germany

Bus transportation Panturist Transport Company is part of the transport group Arriva, a member of the DB - Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and to passengers is offered a bus line directly to Osijek with departures from the following cities:

  • Germany: Ulm - Stuttgart - Munchen - (driving through Austria - Slovenia - Croatia) - Osijek
  • Slovenia: Maribor - Ptuj - (Varaždin - Koprivnica - Virovitica - Slatina) – Osijek

Check international Arriva Express line timetable here.


Airport Osijek is located along the state road D2, direction Osijek - Vukovar, in the Klisa village, 15 km from the city center. Here you can find information about the time table.

Direct flights to the Osijek airport are possible from the following cities:

• Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Dubrovnik

Arrival to the airport from the city:

From the railway station to the airport a transport of passengers is organized 1.5 hours prior to the departure of the airplane. The fare is HRK 30.00 per person (price includes transportation of luggage). For transport it's mandatory to make a reservation 24 hours before the flight every day from Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm on the phone +385 (0) 31 514 400 or on the

Arrival to the city from the airport:

Transport from the airport to the railway station is organized after 15 to 20 minutes after the passengers leave the plane. The fare is HRK 30.00 per person (price includes transportation of luggage). For transport it is mandatory to make a reservation 24 hours in advance. Reservation is possible each working day from Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm on the phone +385 (0) 31 514 400 or on the e-mail


From Josipovac in the west of Osijek, through urban neighbourhoods Retfala, Upper Town, Tvrđa and Lower Town to the village of Sarvaš, Osijek is elongated along the river Drava for almost 25 km. On the longest route from Podravlje to Brijest and Čepin, the city of Osijek is 10 km wide. Therefore, the simplest way to get around the city is by public transport.

The city itself (town of Osijek) is cross-linked with about 40 km of cycling trails that stretch even in the suburbs (more on the bicycle routes can be found here: Cycling through Osijek and its surroundings).


The easiest way to get around the city is by public transport, tram and bus transport company GPP - Gradski pijevoz putnika Ltd. You can buy the tickets in each tram or bus, as well as in the newsstands and the GPP shops in the Remiza (tram shed) and under the main square.

Information about the time table can be found here: Departures from the bus and tram terminals

Information about the tram and bus lines can be found here: Map of tram and bus lines in Osijek

The ticket which is valid for 1 h in all directions, costs 11,- KN and you can buy it from the driver. You can also buy a daily ticket for 35,- KN in the public transport company (GPP) costumer centre in the shopping mall under the main square. If you plan to stay more than 2 to 3 days or longer, it is advisable to buy a “prepaid” card. You can buy the card at any newsstand “Tisak” or in the mentioned costumer centre. For each card you must pay a deposit of 20,- KN which you can get back if you return the card and then put as much money on it as you might need for your rides. In this case each ride costs 8,- KN. When you enter the tram or bus you must validate it at the validating machine at the driver’s side and also when you exit the vehicle, otherwise you will be charged extra.

Prices of transport tickets in the first zone (includes only the town of Osijek):

• single ticket bought in the vehicle, duration of 60 minutes - HRK 11.00
• single ticket on the prepayment card - HRK 8.00 + HRK 20.00 for issuing of the card
• daily ticket - HRK 35.00

Prices of transport tickets in the second zone (includes suburbs of Briješće, Višnjevac, Josipovac, Sarvaš, Nemetin and Tenja):

• single ticket bought in the vehicle, duration of 45 minutes - HRK 13.00

Suburban passenger transport is organized to the nearby municipalities on the routes:

• Osijek - Livana
• Osijek - Čepin
• Osijek - Bijelo Brdo
• Osijek - Antunovac
• Osijek - Ivanovac


One of the favourite ways to cross the river Drava from the Upper Town to the Tvrđavica village and the zoo is by the ferry Kompa that's owned by city company Unikom. In summer months (June, July, August) Kompa runs every day from 9am to 9pm. At other months of the year (April, May, September, October) Kompa runs every day from 9am to 8pm. Departures from Osijek (from the restaurant Kompa) as well as from Tvrđavica (from the Zoo) are 40 minutes (at regular intervals of 20 minutes). Ticket price: free of charge.


The usual price for the taxi ride from point to point in the city varies from 20.00 to 25.00 HRK per person/ride (not depending on the number of persons driving together). Passenger transport by taxi is possible on call or at some of the starting points in several places in the city:
• in front of the railway station
• in front of the bus station
• Županijska Street near the Croatian National Theatre building
• Holy Trinity Square in Tvrđa (old town) in front of the University of J. J. Strossmayer rectorate building

Taxi services in Osijek:

• Taxi Cammeo, +385 (0) 31 205 205
• Taxi Matrix, +385 (0) 95 888 30 72
• Taxi Vip, +385 (0) 99 800 800 8
• Hallo Taxi, 0800 8333
• Student Taxi, +385 (0) 31 200 100
• Sixt rent-a-car, +385 (0) 91 6199 918
• Taxi Munja, +385 (0) 99 682 11 82
• Taxi sunce, +385 (0) 95 777 22 22


Companies that offer rent-a-car service are:

• Antari Rent-a-Car, Ulica (street) Adama Reisnera 30, +385 (0) 92 181 28 69
• HM Rent-a-Car, Šetalište (promenade) kardinala Franje Šepera 8c, +385 (0) 98 867 840
• Uni Car, Ulica (street) Adama Reisnera 70, +385 (0) 31 205 058
• Nippon Rent-a-Car, Ulica (street) Sv. Leopolda Bogdana Mandića bb, +385 (0) 31 298 444
• Vozi Rent-a-Car, Ulica (street) Martina Divalta 82, +385 (0) 99 442 13 33
• Sixt rent-a-car, +385 (0) 91 6199 918
• Intel Rent-a-Car, Ulica (street) Sv. Leopolda Bogdana Mandića 22, Mobile phone: +385 (0) 99 210 25 81, Phone: +385 (0) 31 223 407


Public car parks and parking spaces on the street are divided into three zones administered by the Elektromodul Company. Streets that include parking zones can be seen here. Parking is possible to pay with coins or by mobile phone (m-parking) you can follow to the instructions on the parking machines.  

Price of parking in zones is:

• zone: HRK 4.00; m-parking number 708311
• zone: HRK 3.00; m-parking number 708312
• zone: HRK 2.00; m-parking number 708313

Parking payment in all zones is carried out on weekdays (Monday - Friday) from 7am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 7am to 3pm. On Sundays and holidays parking is free. In the case of improper parking vehicles are removed by the company Pauk – vehicles moving services. Contact: Ulica (street) Ivana Gundulića Street 168, Phone: +385 (0) 99 255 92 05, +385 (0) 31 399 073.

Private parking areas and a private underground garages have their own mode of parking payment. They are located at the following locations:

• Clinical Hospital Center Osijek, Lower town (Donji grad)
• Osijek Airport, Klisa
• Esseker Centre, (currently out of use), Upper Town (Gornji grad)
• Kappa Center (currently out of use), Upper Town (Gornji grad)
• Bus station Osijek underground parking, Upper town (Gornji grad)
• Interspar Center above and underground parking, Upper Town (Gornji grad)
• Eurodom Center, Tvrđa (old town)

Larger private parking lots on which parking is free of charge (open during working hours) are:

• underground and above-ground garage shopping center Portanova, Retfala
• underground and above-ground garage Avenue Mall, Ulica (street) Sv. Leopolda B. Mandića
• covered garage shopping center Konzum, Industrijska četvrt
• parking of shopping center STC, Jug II


For the purpose of the exit of passengers buses can stop for a short period of time at following locations:

• bus lay in the Tvrđa old town, the eastern entrance
• bus lay in the parking lot at Gornjodravska obala, by the "Bijela lađa" ship/Winter port
• bus stop of public transport at the crossroads of (Trg Slobode) Libery Square and the Hrvatske Republike street, by "Šetač" (the Walker) statue.

Daily parking for tourist buses are:

• in front of the city’s public transport company Gradski prijevoz putnika in the Ulica Kralja Trpimira – Most dr. Franje Tuđmana (Drava river bridge), by the eastern entrance to the Tvrđa old town (currently free of charge)
• in the parking lot next to the restaurant Kopika, left bank of the Drava river opposite from the Tvrđa old town (currently free of charge)
• in the parking lot at Gornjodravska obala street, to the left of "Bijela lađa" and Winterport (payment through parking apparatus according to the number of occupied parking spaces for cars: 3.00 HRK / h)   

Night parking with the toll is at the Osijek Bus Station (Autobusni kolodvor Osijek), managed by the APP bus transport company.