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Our "City on the Drava River" was named after the word "oseka" which means „low tide“ (a place near the river suited for inhabitants). It's the fourth biggest city in Croatia with a population of about 100,000 and the cultural, economic and scientific centre of Slavonia and Baranja region.

Osijek is located at only 20 km from the confluence of the Drava and the Danube, in the middle of its 2850 km long course from German Schwarzwald to the Black Sea. In this part of the European Podunavlje (Danube region) Croatian and old Austro-Hungarian heritage meet and you will first notice that in the architecture and rich traditions and gastronomy.

A quick walking tour

For the first visit to Osijek, we recommend that you visit Tvrđa, a fortified part of the city from the 18th century where you will see some of the most valuable examples of Baroque architecture in Croatia, such as the statue of Holy Trinity and General’s-headquarters which you can find on 200 kuna bills.

Passing through the large parks and gardens (the city has 17 parks) you'll come to Secession district with monumental public and private buildings such as palaces, galleries, court and post office.

The parallel road along the Drava river will take you to the main square and walking along the promenade will take you to the St. Peter and Paul Co-Cathedral. Completed in 1898 with its 90-meter high tower it is the tallest building in Osijek today and the second highest church in Croatia, central and southern Podunavlje (Danube region). If you continue your walk up the river promenade it will take you to the viewpoint above the Drava and towards the "Kompa", ferry, that will transfer you to the left bank of the river to the zoo. Nice view of the entire city can be seen from the suspension pedestrian bridge on which you can leave a love padlock if you're carried by the moment, make a memory and in love always return to Osijek...

Relax after the walk

After a walk, you can relax on one of the many terraces along the promenade in the Winter Port with coffee, cake or beer, which citizens of Osijek proudly prepare since 1697. Have you tried the black Radler? Believe us that there is no sweeter beer refreshment from black Radler in the summer months while the river Drava spills "lazily" into the Danube. To our knowledge, black Radler is prepared only in Osijek.

Among the many city events during the year, we recommend that you visit Days of Wine and Tourism and the National Championship in cooking fish stew in early May, UFO festival of young urban bands in mid-June, Osijek summer of culture with theatre and film performances, exhibitions and artistic performances from late June to mid-July, Pannonian Challenge festival of extreme sports, cycling, rock and urban music in mid-July, Days of the first Croatian beer - Osijek beer and tambura music festival that's called "the greatest Slavonian wedding party" in mid-September and for the end of the year romantic and entertaining Advent in Osijek (Christmas market). Throughout the year you can visit Antiques Fair in Tvrđa, the old town.

For lunch in Osijek treat yourself with one of the local gastronomical specialties, roast venison, (perkelt) goulash with homemade pasta, fresh cheese and pieces of fried bacon, fish-paprikash (fish stew, since you are in an area of ​​large rivers), “kulen” sausage and strudel or plum dumplings for dessert known as the Osijek Knoedl.

Explore the city surroundings

With lunch, wine will certainly go great because Osijek is surrounded by well-known wine regions, especially those on the Danube, in regions of Baranja and Erdut. Only 20 kilometres north of the city in the village of Kneževi Vinogradi there is the third-oldest wine cellar in Croatia, built in 1526. To the east from the city, on the river Danube, there is an imposing Gothic tower in the village of Erdut that stands as the guardian of the region for centuries. Nearby you will find an old winery with a huge wine barrel with a capacity of 75,000 liters. Favourite wine varieties in both vine regions are Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot, in Erdut like Marasca cherry scented Zweigelt and the pride of every winemaker, golden-green, sweet and refreshing Welsch Riesling, in Croatia known as Graševina.

At the very edge of the city, you will come across unspoiled nature. We encourage you to bike along the Drava embankment and go to Nature Park Kopački Rit which is with the Delta of the Danube the biggest Central European marshland known for nearly 300 species of birds which also nest in the city itself! If you want to experience Drava and Danube, two large and beautiful rivers at close range we recommend you a boat ride for which you can contact one of the agencies that offer trips to their estuaries. If you're looking for much affordable and simpler experience of the river Drava you can swim on the favourite city beach Copacabana or as we call it "Kopika".

With a view of the town from the sandy beach there you can follow the river cruise ships that sail in the centre with tourists from around the world and plan your stay in Osijek...