Along the British Crown's Trail

Photo by: Philip Toscano, Press Association, Pixsell

The British heirs to the throne visited eastern Croatia two times. In the heart of Slavonia – Osijek – they aren't just among friends, but among family too. The great great grandfather of British King Charles III was born and baptized in Osijek, and a total of five British kings and queens descended from the lineage of Franz von Teck. In the time of Franz von Teck, Osijek was one of the largest military centres in this part of the Habsburg Empire. The boy came
into the world on the 27th of August 1837 in Osijek's Lower town and was baptized in the baroque Calvinist church in Retfala. Franz von Teck married Princess Mary in 1866 with whom he had four children. Their daughter Mary von Teck married George VI and the couple became king and queen. King George VI married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother, and the marriage was blessed with the birth of Queen Elizabeth II., mother of King Charles III. Captivated by the Lipizzaner horses at the opening of the Munich Olympics, Queen Elizabeth II insisted on visiting the town of Đakovo in August of 1972, namely its stud farm that dates back to 1506. Four decades later, the same stud farm in Đakovo was visited by the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of then Prince Charles, Camila Parker Bowles, while accompanying her husband on his trip around the Osijek-Baranja County. Follow in the footsteps of the British crown, explore the ties that connect Croatia’s East and Buckingham’s Palace, and discover what’s royally good about Osijek and Slavonia. If it was good enough for several generations of British heirs to the throne, we dare say it won’t disappoint you either.