Osijek Gourmet: Week of freshwater fish


Calling all Slavonia and Baranja enthusiasts and foodies – get ready for the second edition of Osijek Gourmet that will take you on a journey through the world of freshwater flavors!

As part of the second edition of Osijek Gourmet, nine renowned Osijek restaurants will transform into a true gourmet oases during the Week of Freshwater Fish, taking place from 3rd to 13th November, uncovering the authentic culinary heritage of Slavonia and Baranja.

Promotional menus of traditional dishes in a modern autumnal attire.

The first year of the Osijek Gourmet project drew attention with the Week of Black Slavonian Pig, highlighting the rare indigenous food item that was first produced in the vicinity of Osijek in the 19th century. However, this year, gourmands' attention is directed towards the waters of the Drava and Danube rivers, and numerous Slavonian lakes that are home to some widely known fish species, such as catfish and carp.

During this period, river fish will receive the attention it deserves from experts, and Osijek's chefs will showcase extraordinary creations of river fish in all its aspects.

Throughout the Week of Freshwater Fish, fish menus will be available at nine renowned restaurants in Osijek:

Winter Harbor (Zimska Luka) Restaurant, Waldinger Restaurant, Project 9 Restaurant, Čingi Lingi Čarda, Čarda kod Baranjca, Kod Javora Restaurant, Black Pig Restaurant, Corner Restaurant, Lulu Fusion Bistro

While most of these restaurants already offer at least one dish of river fish on their regular menus, during the Week of Freshwater Fish, these dishes will be the focus at promotional prices.

In Osijek, fish swims more than once – in the Drava or Danube, in the cauldron, and then in wine!

On the menus, you will find classic specialties like perkelt with homemade pasta (often combined with cheese and bacon) and the legendary fiš-paprikaš, which has many fans in Osijek. Orly-style pike-perch will satisfy those who prefer a milder but equally delicious taste, while carp on skewers in the vicinity of the city will delight patient gourmets. Let's not forget the river fish pâtés, perfect as an appetizer, or crispy carp chips for those who like to nibble while enjoying diverse flavors.

In addition to being a host to a rich gastronomic offering, Osijek also offers an outstanding opportunity for tasting the finest wines recommended by caterers, sommeliers, and winemakers.

This city is surrounded by famous vineyards, including vineyards in Đakovo, Feričanci, and along the Danube coast, in Baranja and Erdut. Here, hosts will gladly take you through the world of wine art – nuances of fresh fruity tones, deep earthy or subtle floral aromas, recommending perfect wine combinations that will not only highlight the tastes and aromas of dishes but also create an unforgettable umami experience that will touch all your senses.

River fish as a gastronomic asset of continental Croatia

In addition to the Week of Freshwater Fish, this year's Osijek Gourmet project will bring together on Tuesday, 7th November, some of the best Croatian culinary masters and tasters who will attend a Masterclass and panel discussion on the topic "River Fish, a Strong Gastronomic Asset of Continental Croatia," which will take place in the fitting setting of the Project 9 Restaurant on the Drava. This year's panelists include Tomica Đukić, chef of the Josić winery restaurant and the Croatian national football team, Saša Breznik, CEO of PP Orahovica d. o. o., Stevo Karapandža, ŠKMER Ambassador for Kvarner and Istria and international culinary judge, Željko Neven Bremec, chef and educator, international culinary judge, and president of the Association of Chefs of Mediterranean and European Regions, Željka Klemenčić, journalist, editor, and member of the jury in the culinary show "Tri, dva, jedan – kuhaj," and Domagoj Sever, award-winning photographer, travel blogger, and owner of the Croatia Nomad marketing and promotion agency. The panel moderator is Željka Balja, owner of the Autentika business consulting and communications company, founder of the Family Welcome portal, and guest lecturer at the Edward Bernays University.

Gastronomic journeys are a growing trend

In the global tourism market, one of the main motives for travel is gastronomy. Travellers are no longer just looking for spectacular landscapes and historical landmarks, but also for local flavours and authentic culinary experiences. According to the latest research, as many as 81 percent of travellers express the greatest satisfaction in trying local dishes and cuisine while travelling, while a staggering 75 percent of travellers show a special interest in the gastronomic offerings of local restaurants. This trend particularly appeals to younger generations of travellers who love to discover different cuisines and culinary innovations.

Considering this growing trend of culinary travel, Osijek is proud to be becoming an increasingly sought-after destination for food enthusiasts, as reflected in the rising number of tourist overnight stays.

But Osijek is not just a destination for food lovers; it's a place where every bite turns into an unforgettable memory and where every delicacy tells a story of passion for culinary art and deep love for local heritage. That's why we invite you to join us where the river, tradition, and the passion for cooking meet. See you in Osijek!

The Osijek Gourmet project by the Osijek Tourist Board is supported by partners the Croatian Tourist Board, the City of Osijek, Osijek-Baranja County, the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board, and Glas Slavonije d. d.