Festival of street art and Craft Beer Fest


From September 15th to September 16th, it's time to take over Tvrđa and the exciting new street art festival called 'Monarchy'!

The final bulldozers have left Tvrđa, and after centuries of hoofbeats, military parades, tire screeches, and pedestrians of all shapes and sizes, it's time for the historic streets of the baroque Tvrđa to come alive in a new era.

A street festival, you ask? Well, that was the initial idea that sparked the creation of a fresh program tailor-made for Tvrđa, inspired by its rich history. The occasion is the completion of construction work, and the motivation is to celebrate with all our citizens and their guests! Picture a street art festival fit for kings and queens - welcome to the Monarchy of the modern age. It's a monarchy of entertainment where every visitor becomes the ruler of their own time, the master of fun, and the sovereign of Tvrđa's splendid new streets. The same team that brought you the Festival of Lights in Osijek is preparing a special light show for these newly revitalized streets of Tvrđa!

So, this weekend, on September 15th and 16th, take a leisurely stroll through the streets of Tvrđa, explore every nook and cranny, and immerse yourself in the experience! The streets will be adorned with dazzling artistic installations, and every corner will have a story to tell. Eleven light installations will illuminate approximately 40,000 square meters of walls, streets, towers, and hidden corners in our beloved Tvrđa. Alongside the music and installations, this celebration, which has its roots 300 years ago when Tvrđa started taking its present shape, will offer something for everyone. The illuminated scenes will paint the walls, while the spaces in between will be filled with pedestrians and a multitude of street performers. Picture incredible stilt walkers, a burst of colorful costumes, fire jugglers, dancers, living statues, and even a lively piano player transforming the streets into a scene reminiscent of Knifer's art - with a myriad of twists and turns as people gather around the performers, sharing laughter and applause!

How does the Monarchy sound to you? Music will also infuse life into every corner of Tvrđa. The light installations will be accompanied by evocative soundscapes featuring well-known cinematic, classical, and ambient music. Numerous street musicians will follow the rhythm of the streets with their performances, enriching Tvrđa with a variety of street stages. This is a unique chance to experience a slice of Osijek's music scene in a street-friendly format. So, seize the opportunity and enjoy the sounds of tamburitza players and the Pajo Kolarić choir - imagine how they would sound if they played in the Paris metro. Think of Big Bend Osijek becoming a hit on the streets of a British or German city, Ritmosice captivating passersby with their synchronized dancing in Amsterdam, or Lipa, whose singers are seasoned travelers, performing in Budapest, Vienna, and around the globe after every flight. And if you haven't heard of them yet, you will soon - the children's band Uholaže will join this impressive lineup!

The Osijek Brass Band will make your Saturday morning coffee in Tvrđa even more enjoyable, while 'I Love Vinyl Records,' with their DJs, will be holding the musical fort across three stages.

But that's just the local talent; we have two fantastic bands lined up to make your Craft experience even more remarkable - an authentic Irish pub music act featuring violin, guitar, and vocals by Patrick Walker and Hrvoje Sudar. And, of course, the ever-popular Orjen Riđanović's gypsy jazz trio! There are also a few more hidden gems among the street musicians, so take a leisurely stroll through Tvrđa on Friday and Saturday and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

Be the monarchs of your own entertainment! In addition to the Festival of Lights and street art, the 7th Osijek Craft Beer Festival is moving from Sunčana Street to Tvrđa this weekend. All you beer lovers and fun-seekers will have the chance to sample over 70 different types of beer and savor a genuine beer extravaganza - just like royalty.

And if you're a wine enthusiast, don't miss the special 'Wine Monarchy' experience awaiting you! Of course, no culinary adventure is complete without street food, so come hungry. The culinary offerings will be diverse and of the highest quality, both on the streets and in the restaurants and cafes of Tvrđa.

The Monarchy also caters to princes and princesses! In addition to the numerous street performances and family-friendly entertainment, the youngest members of the community will enjoy a special treat. Saturday morning starting at 11:00 AM is reserved for children's delight with the children's rock band Uholaže, storytelling sessions with Cvilidreta, and a puppet theater performance for children where they'll get to meet Matijine's puppets and fall in love with the theater (if they haven't already). For those who don't head to bed early, there's a 'Festival of Lights for Children' workshop on Saturday at 7:30 PM, where our little ones can create their own illuminated art on the streets of Tvrđa.

So, the question at the beginning now has a clear answer: 'Hey, where are you this weekend?' The answer is, 'In Tvrđa, of course, reigning over my own Monarchy!'

Ladies and gentlemen, see you there!

Opening Hours:

Friday, September 15th / CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM


Saturday, September 16th / CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM



Saturday, September 16th / CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS,