Advent in Osijek


Advent in Osijek 2021

The city on river Drava once again put on its holiday attire in December and offered its citizens and visitors a daily dose of the magical Christmas experience. The concept of "Adventiranje", created in 2020 in response to various measures, bans, and recommendations, once again lured Adventors from their homes and invited them to the streets, squares, and parks of the city, in order to spend carefree evenings with their loved ones under the slogan that Advent "it is not standing but moving, and it is not a place but a walk”.

"Christmas story" on Dr. Ante Starčević Square

This year, the Advent walk through the appropriately decorated locations of the city starts from the unmissable center with the imposing neo-Gothic beauty, the concathedral of St. Peter and Paul at the foot of which is the Advent wreath and the largest Christmas tree the city has ever received. Advent path then lead to the main square of Dr. Ante Starčević, which became a symbolic starting point for Advent, where the magic balls are located. In the center of the city, the walk again includes the popular Vanja Radauš Pass, which this year was decorated with hundreds of lamps and golden beads and therefore nicknamed "The Secret of the Golden Passage". Trg Slobode has been transformed into an amusement park for the youngest visitors, who can also meet Santa Claus in a Rickshaw vehicle between 5 pm and 9 pm. There are also houses with fritters, candies, popcorn, cotton candy and the inevitable hot drinks.

"The Secret of the Golden Passage" in the passage of Vanja Radauš

"Children's joys" on Freedom Square

The path of Advent continues along Capuchin Street through the "Ice Fairy Tale" in the romantic Sakuntala Park, where mistletoe for kisses, a luxurious gazebo and reflective lights of a disco ball are hidden, delighting our youngest and leaving our mature visitors indifferent. Welcoming the cultural institutions GISKO and the Museum of Fine Arts, which enrich the cultural spirit of the city with their Christmas program, the walk once again brings us to the largest green oasis in Osijek, King Tomislav Park. In addition to thousands of lamps and occasional photo locations, this year the park has been strengthened by a diverse catering offer - from occasional sausages, langoustines, fritters, through newer and more exotic flavors. The walk can continue in the park of Petar Krešimir IV. where two cute photo points in the form of "Dream Ball" and "Favorite Gifts" are hidden.

"Dream Ball" in the Park of King Petar Krešimir IV.

Full of impressions, we arrive in front of the light tunnel where we make a wish - to find the perfect gift for our loved ones - and from which we conveniently go out for a "Walk to the Stars" through interesting craft houses. Our small producers have prepared their unique uniques, regional gastronomic delicacies, traditional souvenirs and, in short, perfect gifts for those who appreciate the effort of skilled hands. The road continues over the "Colorful Trail" to Rondel in the Fortress, from where the walk can be significantly expanded. This year, more than 10 kilometers of light bulbs have been lit, some streets have received festive lighting for the first time, and a magnificent panoramic wheel arrives in the flat Pannonian plain for the first time. cheer up and in January next year. All Osijek Adventures will be able to experience "Osijek in the palm of your hand".

"Passage of Desires" on European Avenue House

"Jug opg" Cottage

"OPG Dješka"

A new location on the Advent map is the Cultural Center, where with a Christmas cinema and a varied Christmas program, a special point of the Advent walk is the Winter Lookout on the roof of the Cultural Center, and the Sokol skating rink is again the main point for everyone who enjoys winter recreation on skates. In the city of the first Croatian tram, and this Advent there are even two Christmas trams on the regular line, so the people of Osijek can already be filled with the holiday spirit on the way to work. Other holiday and occasional cultural and entertainment events in the city can be followed on the official website of the Tourist Board, and we highlight the concerts of the chamber orchestra of the Croatian National Theater Osijek and cultural events in the KC.

Sokol Center Skating Rink, photo by: Sokol Center

Merry Osijek tram "Christmas Village"

This year, a large number of caterers across the city joined in the Advent magic with a special offer on the impressively decorated terraces of their facilities. Appropriately decorated shop windows, terraces, windows and enticing scents of the holiday offer will accompany you through the city, so you can easily find refreshment in every part of the city during your walk. The last week of the Advent season is ahead of us, Osijek's Advent is in full swing, and in a few days it will be enriched by the long-awaited panoramic wheel. Therefore, prepare your shoes for a walk and feel the last days of the holiday Osijek. We guarantee that Osijek will welcome you with a big heart, offer a relaxed, authentic Christmas party and show that the beauty of Advent is not only in food, drink and shopping. Beauty is in a sense of togetherness and joy.

Photos by: Osijek Tourist Board