Urban Fest Osijek

Photo by: Kreativna agencija Adverta

The music festival that best represents the side of the city that is often not in the foreground is Urban fest Osijek. The festival promotes alternative, hip hop, punk, and electronic scene that might not be the first association to Osijek or Slavonia.

For almost two decades, UFO has been a place to meet, exchange experiences, and enjoy urban, alternative, progressive and not so mainstream music that Osijek has always beed producing.

In addition to the standard performances of craft/demo bands, the festival also features more famous bands that often serve as inspiration and good mentorship for those who are on the brink of fame.

In the last few years, Urban Fest Osijek has returned Osijek on the festival map of the region. Apart from the faithfull domestic guests, every year there are more and more foreign guests who, in addition to enjoying music, also enjoy the special ambience and energy that this city offers.

Find out more on the official site of the organises: UFO - Urban Fest Osijek.