Osijek Summer Nights


In 2022, Osijek Summer Nights will be held on the 25th of June, 30th of July, and 27th of August.

Osijek Summer Night is a tradicional fun event that enriches and enlivens the atmosphere on the streets and squares of the city center in the summer months.

Gastronomy, music, all kinds of performances, authentic and local products, entertainment and socializing – all of this awaits you if you find yourself in Osijek during the Osijek Summer Night. The combination of relaxed fun and warm air of a summer night, attracts visitors to take a walk along the romantic Osijek promenade along the Drava and many other areas and walking trails in the city center.

Osijek Summer Night is a winning combination of delicious food, concerts and pleasant company! So take your loved ones by hand and enjoy the summer rhythm of the city!