City on river Drava


The city on river Drava welcomes visitors with open arms throughout the year and invites them to relax, forget about everyday problems, and discover all the wonders that it offers. The city is surrounded with rich, fertile soil, which is why visitors can appreciate organic, local goods like excellent wine, beer, and delicious food.

Although it is the biggest city and urban center of the East region of Croatia, Slavonia, it will charm you with its peaceful, beautiful nature in one of its many parks as well as the promenade that goes along the river, which many say is unique in whole of East Europe thanks to its length and beauty.

The city and its people are used to the fusion of modern and historic (in every sense), and a stroll through the city will introduce you to many architecturally and visually impressive buildings from conturies ago. They stand side by side with newer, modern housing achievements.

Spend a wonderful day in the old, baroque fortress called Tvrđa in which you will feel like you walked through a time portal, but you still have all the advantages and blessings of today's world. Discover numerous legends and secrets of its cobbled streets and remaining walls by paying a visit to one of the museums, which have been proud and reliable guardians of the city's heritage and history.

Find out why so many writers, painters, musicians, and other artist decided to immortalize the city in their work and allow it to steal a piece of your heart.