Osijek is back in the game! - events in late spring and early summer 2020


Find out which events to visit in late spring and early summer 2020.

In mid-March, it seemed like nothing would be the same again. True, many of the "little things" in life we ​​are used to have not yet returned to normal, but most of us will agree that with the reopening of cafes and restaurants, life is almost back where it left off at the end of winter.

However, for tourism workers, the real indicator that the business is seriously continuing is the return of one of the most demanding tasks for attracting guests and tourists, and these are the outdoor events.

Thus, during late spring and early summer, in June and the first half of July, a number of interesting events awaits and you will want to visit them as well to explore and really get to know Osijek and its surroundings.

According to the good old custom you can start on the first Saturday of the month, June 6th, and visit the Antiques and Local Products market in Osijek's old town of Tvrđa. At the Holy Trinity Square, the most beautiful "backdrop" well known to everyone from the 200 Kuna banknote, on the first Saturday in June from 9 am to 1 pm, look for some interesting antique little things for decorating your home or a gift to a loved one. In a series of stalls, look for homemade desserts, cakes, honey, various cheeses, jam, smoked cured meat delicacies such as Slavonian kulen and do not miss to see what is offered at the stalls with handmade wooden toys or decorative Baranja style gingerbread, decorative cakes similar to the typical Croatian Licitar-gingerbread.

Foto: Hrvatski Premier Tenis, Donna Vekić

The next event, which we will still have to watch only on TV screens due to the special epidemiological conditions, will be a real treat for all fans of "the white sport". Croatian Premier Tennis will be held from June 4th to 7th on the tennis courts in King Tomislav Park. Famous Croatian tennis players will have the opportunity to play and fight bravely at this unique event after a long time, even when the reality is uncertain! Donna Vekić, the world known player from Osijek, who, in addition to great success, is adorned with enthusiasm and charisma, gathered the players and started this humanitarian sporting event and decided to host the tournament together with her family! Help them support the humanitarian action "Croatia and tennis against COVID-19" whose financial resources will be donated to the project of Croatian scientists on virus research and finding vaccines and medicines. Get to know the event better on the Facebook page of Croatian Premier Tennis, and watch the tennis matches on TV on HRT2.

Next in line who will “need to visit” Osijek will be street-art lovers, because the seventh edition of the ReArt Festival will be held from June 19th to 21st, under the slogan "Road to Lilliput". During the three days of the festival, there will be a traditional creative fair and numerous interesting exhibitions, workshops, performances and other activities, including the Exhibition of Sculptures and Illustrations, the Street Exhibition of Miniatures and the Exhibition of Flags. The objects of all exhibitions will be "scattered" around the city, which will give you the opportunity to really get to know Osijek in detail. In addition to all that, during ReArt you will find a unique sale of artistically painted pieces of furniture - chairs and the always popular Creative Fair with handicrafts such as art miniatures, jewellery, clothing, herbal cosmetics and toys. Follow the events via the Facebook page ReArt Festival 2020 - The Road to Lilliput.

Foto: Air Show, Pexels.com, Leigh Patrick

An interesting series of sports and adrenaline events will begin on June 20th with the always attractive program of the Osijek Air Show, which will bring together representatives of all branches of sports aviation from Croatia and the region organized by the Osijek Aero club at the Osijek-Čepin Sports Airport. Find out more about the event on the Osijek Air Show 2020 Facebook page.

Foto: Moto susreti, Pexels.com, Jonathan Borba

Next in line will be the Motosusreti – Motorcyclists days, 19th in the row. And no, don’t think this isn’t an event for you because you don’t feel safe on two wheels. Bikers are known as very open hosts, so in the rich program on June 26th and 27th you will surely find one that is exactly to your taste. On the left bank of the Drava River in the “catacombs” of Osijek, as in previous years, rock gigs, beer and food, a bunch of motorcycles and good fun await you. Admission is free for all visitors, and more information about the events can be found on the website of the Moto Club Osijek.

Foto: Street race, Pexels.com, Devon Rocola

If the world of motorcycles is not what we would say "your cup of tea", don't miss this year's edition of the Osijek Street Race Show on June 27th and 28th at the Osijek-Čepin Sports Airport. Find more information on the Osijek Street Race Show Facebook page.

We will end this June sports series with an event that belongs to the basic sports disciplines that build both mind and body. The Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon will be held on June 27th and despite the Corona epidemic organizers expect more than 2000 runners, recreationists and professionals from Croatia and the wider European region on the city streets. Find out more about the half marathon on the Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon Facebook page.

The event-rich month of June will end, and July and the long warm summer will begin, with a cultural treat that many Osijek residents and our guests look forward to all year round - the Osijek Summer of Culture Festival. Traditionally from June 29th, the feast of the heavenly patrons of the City of Osijek St. Peter and Paul, and until July 8th, this great theatre and art festival is held. In several open and closed locations you will be able to see theatre and cinema performances, exhibitions, performances, concerts, dances and new media events. Osijek Summer of Culture is the largest theatre festival in eastern Croatia, and its quality matches well-known similar summer festivals. If you missed an interesting show throughout Croatia and the wider region during the year, it is very likely that you will be able to watch it at "OLJK". More information and program can be found on the festival website www.ljetokulture.osijek.hr.

For the end of Osijek's late spring "adventure", we can't resist referring to the well-known, and kind of friendly stereotype of Osijek, Slavonians and Baranja people as great gourmands, we would say hedonists. Our proposal for your exploration of the city and it’s countryside will fit perfectly into this story, because from June 12th you will find an interesting event Days of Open Wine Cellars of Osijek-Baranja County, which takes you every weekend to one of the surrounding vineyards in the foot of the Papuk mountain and along the river Danube in Baranja, Erdut, Feričanci and Đakovo region. The entire program will culminate on July 11th with the final event of the Evening of Wine and Art in Osijek's old town of Tvrđa. More information about the program can be found on the Facebook page: Dani Otvorenih Vrata Podruma Baranja / Feričanci / Erdut / Đakovo.

In addition to visiting the vineyards, we definitely suggest that during your stay in Osijek you visit at least one of our traditional restaurants, taste good wines from the surrounding Baranja and Danube vine-country, and in the warm late spring and early summer evenings refresh yourselves with our favourite beers from one of Osijek's four breweries.

We wish you a nice stay in Osijek and… Cheers! U zdravlje! (Croatian: To your health!)

P.S. At the end of June in Osijek it can be quite hot, so bring full swimming equipment to one of the sandy beaches with an unsurpassed views of the city or rent a bike and explore a number of bike trails along the Drava embankment all the way to Kopački rit Nature Park and a little further to mighty blue Danube!