Craft Beer Festival


The next Craft Beer Festival will take place in May 2021.

In “Gajba”, a famous beer tasting house, you can taste over 150 varieties of craft beer from Osijek, Slavonia, Croatia and from all over the world. Beer craftsmen will share their personal experience in making beer, and gastro producers will offer a huge variety of food made with beer or simply eaten accompanied by a glass of beer. While enjoying your food and beer you can also enjoy some concert or DJ music.

This “urban” beer in May and Festival of Beer in September with a somewhat different concept, also called the “biggest wedding” in Slavonia, show that Osijek is a true Croatian beer capital.

Why craft beer festival in Osijek?

The world has been concurred by the global craft beer revolution! Croatian beer lovers have become its ambassadors, specially the city of Osijek because of its rich brewery history and tradition, since 1664!

This festival in Osijek gives a unique opportunity for its citizens as well as their guests and visitors to be introduced to the process of brewing and the production of craft beer. Everyone is also welcome to enjoy the flavours and aroma of the wide palette of good quality craft beers from Croatia and abroad.

The Craft Beer Festival transforms Osijek into fun tourist centre of the region, promotes it as a brewery town enriching its tourist and gastro offerings and making the city centre live and active once more before everyone flees from the town for the summer holidays.

The festival itself tends to help the development of Slavonian mini breweries (almost half of them come from this region) as well as of Slavonian agriculture and small business.


Little Oktoberfest

Since 2017 the promoters of Osijek Craft Beer Festival have been organizing another beer manifestation every year in October, “Kleines Oktoberfest”, led by their love of craft beer. This event is a combination of the traditional celebration held by German ethnic group in Osijek and the Bavarian beer and gastro culture, but with the Slavonian soul. There is the presentation of Munich Oktoberfest beers as well as of those from Slavonia and Osijek craft beer breweries.


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Photo by: Davor Kibel